It was really a night of framing our world at the first all night in the dream center, Christ embassy Ojo group, led by our esteemed sub-zonal pastor, Pastor Dipo Isaacs and Pastor Demo Onanuga.

Who would have thought that this meeting is the seed to be sown for a flourishing year, as our very own sub-zonal pastor and champion pastor, PDO, where fully prepared and gave us all that the Spirit has for us with deep revelations and prophetic ministration oozing from them and every part of the meeting.

The performances where one of a kind and the heartfelt prayer of the congregation brought so much power into every situation and supplication rendered to the Glory God.

Bringing the meeting to a personal experience in line with the instruction and prophecy by our man of God for 2017 as our year of flourishing. The extent of our flourishing became more real than ever with the rhema and declarations.

Reading from 1Cor2: 6, Pastor Dipo Isaacs reiterated our responsibilities to manifest the theme of the year. By speaking in tongues like never before and framing our world with the word of God. He also enlightened the brethren what ‘flourishing’ represents – reference to the meaning and attributes.

Pastors teaching encompassed how to flourish this year. Worthy of mention is the excerpt below:

The wisdom of God is the testimony of God. It is not limited like the wisdom of the world.

The admonishment is that if you don’t speak in tongue you are using your power. Not by the Spirit.

You don’t rush or go loud when you start speaking in tongues. Let it come from inside out. Not from the outside but from the inside.

Learn to pray on your knees. It is a discipline. Using the vocabulary of the word of God.

Refuse to be quiet. Frame your world. Speak it, see it and frame it with the word.


This was followed by holy moment of faith proclamations and declarations consistent with the year of flourishing.

To cap it all, Pastor Demo helped the brethren to make it an exceptional year by doing the word in Psalm 90:12…teaching us to number our days.

As we behold a flourishing February, each one wrote the goals for the coming month and prayed with understanding as the Spirit gave revelation to each one.

Testimonies are sure abounding for all our brethren as a result of this meeting.

It is gonna be a flourishing February like never before as we continue to walk and talk in the word.

Don’t miss the next all night coming up February 24th.

It is your season. Keep flourishing champions!


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