WHEN the world compiles the names of outstanding men and women who became vehicles through which ordinary people became extra ordinary and many who, left on their own, would not have aspired to become anything in life, if not for the contact they had with that outstanding individual, the name of Pastor DEMOLA demola-onunugaOnanuga or PDO as we fondly call him, would be among the topmost.

While the impact of some acclaimed world leaders’ are felt either within their families or immediate neighborhood, here is a man whose leadership influence transcends continents with follower ship in over 200 countries; yet he is not a political leader.

Over the last few years, Pastor Demoo has become a great catalyst, taking  the business of leavening more and more breads of different shapes and sizes across cultures to the next level. He has exposed his sure secret to financial success to millions of people, changing lives, giving hopes, and uplifting men and women.

Pastor Demoo as rightly described is the best General to led the activits of Christ, He is always there to see that the saints of God are held up at all times, not allowing them to stumble. In 2016, Our church Christ Embassy Alakija1 recorded no death but increase in Number.

Our reach went forth to Nations of the earth bringing the message of salvation to men and women of all tribes. He is shaping governments; leaders, and influencers. A typical message section of PDO is all about exposure to seceret. The best humility Coach that the church of Champion’s can ask for. … We truly love you Sir.

Everywhere he takes the gospel to, men, women and children all respond with glee, as he raises leaders all over the world, which show to a greater extent, the quality of leadership he has bestowed on people.

His attitude to what he does is aptly captured below: ‘The person who leads by example communicates strong work ethic (I’m willing to get down and dirty too), accountability (I won’t ask you to do anything I’m not willing to do myself), humility (I’m here as another human being on a mission  not as a superior trying to boss you around), and unity (We’re in this together).

Pastor DEMOLA has remained true to this calling which he answered to even before he became a teenager, and all through his teenage years, and early adolescence he never derailed, he remained steadfast to what he describes as the “work of my father” drawing like minds with him. And over the years, he has been involved in the one thing he is sold out to, and that is winning men and women to Christ Jesus.

Join us thi

J-20 is always a time of appreciation to God for the gift he gave to us in our Pastor.- Demola Onanuga~  The saints in the house HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEARLY ESTEEMED PASTOR DEMOLA ONANUGA. WE LOVE YOU BEYOND WORDS, SIR!

Men and women came out enmass to celebrate our our PDO! it was awesome at the time of this post PDO has recorded 26 birthday cakes.  And still counting…birthday-cake-ideas

Happy Yummy Tummy Tammy Birthday to the BESTEST and most AMAZING Pastor in the world. Pastor Sir, there are no words to describe you. Your love is UNFATHOMABLE . Your show of love is INDESCRIBABLE. Your love for the MASTER is UNQUESTIONABLE. And my love for you SIR, is UNQUENCHABLE and UNQUANTIFIABLE SIR! I love you Sir.


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