Christianity is not a religion, it’s the PULSATING LIFE OF GOD


Action points to note as a christian who want to live the victorious life.

  • Diligence is attentive and perceive race.
  • Effective is successfully producing an outcome.
  • Message from the holy ghost : Pastor Chris is the arrowhead of the gospel from Africa to the world, Pastor Chris is the eyes of the church,
  • Every promise God has said has come to pass
  • Gods word is always a blessing
  • Your life is a quality of the word deposited in your spirit.

*1 peter 2:24. 1peter 1:1,1peter 2:22,Isaiah 53:1,Mattew 8;15-16

  • There are milk,meat and strong meat
  • There are 3 types of sin
    1.inherited sin . sin is a spiritual thing
    2.imputed sin ..taking credit of others
    3.personal sin..that which you committed yourself.
  • Know what is going around u for the sake of the gospel.
  • Be vigilance and watch and pray.
  • Put your eyes on the public service
  • Watch – pilgrims progress its a film
  • Use everything you have to save your country and your people.
  • Believe in you no one looks or is like you.


Out if your belly shall flow rivers of living water. Greater is He that’s in you. Don’t be afraid of their threats. Don’t be afraid of their curses. You have overcome the circumstances. You have over come them.  SPEAK IN TONGUES RIGHT NOW!



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