I affirm that God has a better plan for my life and I will not walk off course nor journey out of God’s plan for my life. My love for God and for the things of God will never wax cold. I’m the light of the word; the salt of the earth; the Gentiles shall come to my light, and kings to the brightness of my rising. God had made me a solution provider, and the nations of the world are coming towards me. The great cargo ships are ready to sail. They are ready to bring their silver and gold with them to honor the Lord my God, the Holy One of Israel who had made my life so beautiful! A people from other lands (strangers) will build my walls. Their kings will come to serve the Lord God of heaven. My gates will continually be open. They will not be closed, day or night. Nations and kings will bring their wealth to me. They will call me ‘The City of the Lord ’S,’ ‘Zion of the Holy One of Israel. Halleluia!
I affirm that I’m the seed of Abraham, and God had made me an eternal excellence. My life is filled with beauty and grace. Nations will give me what i need, like a child drinking milk from its mother, I will ‘drink’ riches from kings. My portion is blessed of the Lord! In place of copper, God has brought me gold. In place of iron, God has brought me silver. God has change my wood into copper and my rocks into precious stones. In places were I was suppose to be punished, God has turned it to an arena of peace and favour. And those who were suppose to punish me has been replaced with those who are kind to me. There will never again be news of violence in my walls. People will never again attack my walls and steal from me. I name my walls, ‘Salvation’ and my gates, ‘Praise.’ Glory to God!


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  1. truly, the Spirit of God’s mouth through my man of has blessed me with all Spiritual blessings; continually am basking in the fullness of Him for ever and ever. Amen.

  2. Bro Patrick Oliver on

    Thank you lavishly Pastor Sir for teaching me God’s undiluted word. 2016 has indeed been for me My Year of Spreading. My finances has taken a different dimension for the next level. Money always answers when I call. Money meets Money in my accounts. Am a well watered garden.. Glory

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