October 2016 Communion Service with Pastor Chris


Month of Increased Grace (Ephesians 4:7, 1 Cor 3:10)
The monthly Communion service is one great meeting where the Believers’ Loveworld Nation meet to receive the word for the new month to walk with. The October edition was such a unique one. Our dear man of God, Rev. (Dr). Chris Oyakhilome by the Spirit of God declared that October is a month of Increased Grace.

Increased Grace

But very interesting, Pastor gave an expose on grace. That grace is of two types.

  • General grace
  • Personal grace

that functions for whatever God has called you to do (Romans 12:3-7). And whatever ministry God has given to us, give attention to it (2Tim 2:1). Grace can be unique depending on what God wants you to do (James 4:6). That grace is what enables you to fulfill the word of God. And there is no failure when you walk in the grace that God has given you. The highlight of the communion service is that:

Grace is Personal.


The message for the month is Increase Grace. Endeavour to Listen and live it


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