The purpose of this series is to inspire the brethren to use their chariot as a means to be actively involved in effective evangelism; teaching them practical steps to reaching their world with the gospel of Jesus Christ and challenging them to be re-awakened to the Great Commission especially. (Mark 16:15, Matthew 28:19-20)

What is Your Chariot?
Chariots are vehicles of life that provides avenues of expression, physically, mentally or in any other way; they bring you in contact with other people and to some extent define your scope of contact. [Acts 8:26-40]. Looking at the main theme scripture God wants us to take special note of this account in Philip’s life and He specifically wants us to know about the chariot, because it is the key to this Scripture that will allow any man to live in this same Scripture in other generations to come (Matthew 24:35). Therefore, when the Holy Spirit told Philip to join “this chariot”, He was speaking that day of a particular vehicle. Today, you are in a chariot: where you work, school or do business is that chariot. Chariots could also come as opportunities like evangelical campaigns eg Each One Reach One, Highways and Hedges or in the form of special church programs like the Night of Bliss Special coming up in 22nd April; these spurs you up to talk to someone about the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

What God Wants With Our Chariots (Purpose of Our Chariot)
Through our chariot,
• God seeks to bring our attention as Christians to be in places where He can give value to people’s lives through the expression of His life in us. Romans 1: 16
• God wants us to associate with people, express our convictions in the gospel and let our ideas come forth.
• He wants us to bear witness of this gospel; and share its goodness with others.


Reference Materials: Join This Chariot Chapter 1(Book)
Get Pastor Chris book titled “Join This Chariot” for a detailed illustration on how to use your chariot (ref Chapter 1)


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