Theme scripture: Psalm 126:5-6, Gen 8:22


Last Sunday we looked at the “Seed Faith” Principle and established that
The Seed-Faith principle is the application of your faith according to the operation of the life of a seed.

We also learnt that

1.      The seed has the life-giving ability in it that causes it to reproduce.
2.      It also has the ability of reproducing after its own kind.
Therefore whatever the need in your life, you can operate this principle to have that need met. The seed is the main factor in the situation you’re in.

Gen 8:22 says, “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest,….shall not cease.” This was God’s solemn declaration to Noah, his household and ultimately to all creation after the flood. That means as long as I’m on the earth, when I sow any seed, I have every right to expect a harvest from it; it’s a law.

The scripture says, “Seed time and harvest” and not “seedtime and harvest time.” That’s because there’s a specific time to sow in order to activate God’s anointing on your behalf for a multiplied and sustained harvest.

There was once famine in the land where Isaac dwelt. He was about to flee to Egypt, as some other people had already done, when God stopped him and told him to sow in the land. He obeyed God and the Bible declares that he “….sowed in that land and received in the same year a hundredfold: and the Lord blessed him” (Gen 26:12).

But something important that we observe is that he couldn’t have sown in the land if he didn’t have seed. Instead of eating all his seed as some people did during the famine, he kept some aside for sowing.

You are always going to have seeds with you but what you do with them is what really matters.
Again let’s look at the widow of Zarephath, she could have easily maintained that she had no seed to sow (give) when required by the prophet Elijah. (1 Kings 17:8-16) She could have continued giving valid reasons why she didn’t have to give. But she would never have known the joy and miracle of a harvest if she didn’t sow (give) what seemed to be her last.

A wise man will reserve some for eating and some for sowing. If you eat more than you sow, you’ll certainly grow hungry during the harvest. You are better off sowing more than you eat, because by so doing, you’ll not only have enough to eat during the harvest, you’ll also have enough to sell and plenty more to sow.

Seeds are valuable objects that have the inherent ability to multiply when placed in the right environment.

Whenever you give in cash and kind to the work of the gospel, you are sowing precious seeds in the right environment. Your giving causes the gospel to move forward and at the same time insures your life (2 Cor 9:6-14 Amplified version). You become indispensable to God, for the Bible says He can’t do without a cheerful giver.

Never join others who complain about the terrible state of the economy for you’ll remain a victim as long as you complain and talk that way. You are a different breed! Can God be disadvantaged? No way! So why should you? You can make your prosperity come out of obscurity through your seed!

Your life can be as beautiful as God has designed it to be, if only you live according to His principles. The opportunities you have to give have been designed for your good. If you give towards the advancement of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, you can be sure everything about you will be top on God’s priority list. What a sure way to walk in increase and prosperity!

1.    Every Christian has seeds to sow; have you recognized your seed(s) and are you sowing them in the right environment? There are several projects this Month of May to sow your seeds (The Seed Initiative; ROR Sponsorship to celebrate our Nation’s Democracy day, the Children’s Day celebration, Bible distribution etc.)

2.    Never join others to complain, rather walk in the consciousness that you can never be disadvantaged where you are but that you are blessed. Maintain the right confession and by expectant of your harvest when you have sown your seed.


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  1. Thank you Pastor for setting us on the right track concerning our finances. The world need to hear this to enjoy a great economic advancement.

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