LUGAD( Laying up gold as dust) 2016; A GOD INSPIRED PROGRAM
Laying up gold as dust (LUGAD 2016) is one program that could be said to have left an indelible mark in the heart of our brethren spiritually and financially speaking. A program that aligned and realigned the financial destiny of our brethren in Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 2 in equipping them with deep and higher revelation of Gods principles on financial prosperity. The three days program was an appointment with missed destiny.

Run-down on Laying up gold as dust 2016

Starting from day 1, the esteemed zonal director of Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 2, Pastor Vale Odu-Thomas, full of the Spirit begun the sessions with unleashing of these prophecies upon the lives of the brethren: “ I see fear being taken away from your spirit, I see you walking in boldness, I see you walking in new confidence, I see you holding your head up. It is true,. It is a reality. It is a new consciousness. God will restore the wasted years.

And beginning his message, for day 1, Pastor Vale stated an existing truth that the word of God is God. John 1:.1 That the word of God is inseparable from God. And when God gives you his word, he has given you of himself. There is nothing impossible with God neither is there anything God has not done as God is not going to discover new things, because he knows all things.
A very salient point in his message that day was that, there are principles to prosper. But per adventure there are no principles to prosper; there are principles to manifest your prosperity.

laying-up-gold-as-dustThis revealed truth led us to the next day when our guest speaker, the revered Pastor of Christ Embassy Accra Ghana, Pastor Biodun Lawal taught the brethren broach the issue of prosperity without any protocol to money nor an apology to poverty oriented thinkers.
In his first day message, Pator Biodun Lawal said, it is not right for a Christian to remain in the same place for a long time. That it is wrong for a Christian to be broke. That it is a spiritual treasonable felony for God to meet a Christian broke. As a Christian you should strive to do the impossible. And if you want to see the impossible, you must be ready to do the impossible.
Pastor Biodun Lawal introduced both a new curriculum on financial prosperity. The curriculum is Multiplication. That to God neither where you start nor the size of your seed that matter. What matters to God is that you multiply what you started with. As with money so is with faith. That faith is a seed that you should multiply because anything you do not multiply dies.
And for those who think that financial abundance is a mirage, Pastor Biodun Lawal has a caveat for them. The only reason why many including some in the body of Christ remain at the same level in their financial life he said “is because you think abundance is not possible. And it is affecting you”. Success, he said ‘”is the ability to do many things at the same time|”. Because the grace of God in your life is in abundance, so it is wrong and treasonable for God to meet you broke. And as a Christian, you have to be abreast with the facts in whatever endeavor you are engaged and make a transition to another business if you have been at a particular one for a long time with no good results.

Concluding his first day message, Pastor Biodun Lawal admonished the brethren why as Christians they should not throw caution to the wind in their financial relationship with God. He said that moving from zero to abundance is possible. However, if your success has no foundation in God, it will not last. But most remarkable, he sounds a note; that when you have money, who do you remember first? If you forget God, is like you are building your life on a spider web. And it’s important that you understand God’s principle of laying up gold as dust (Job 15:21-34). One such principles is how you can grow in grace by , not looking at others, don’t look at what you have done but at what you have not done, look at the place you have not yet covered, and look at what the word of God says concerning you (Ezekiel 33:30-33).

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