Moving forward in the Year of Flourishing


Are you prepared? Opportunity comes dressed as challenges and the reason you cannot see it is because of your level of operation in the Spirit (encoded)

Bible reading: Psalm 1:1-3, John 10:10, Joshua 1:8

When you speak in tongues, you see and when you see, you frame – Quoting Pastor Dipo Isaccs, from the just concluded ‘all night’.

Reading from Heb 11:3, He gave us three keys to move forward in faith as we continue to flourish

1.       God wants us to trust Him. Faith is trust and confidence.

Knowing that we are bigger than the economy. Our inheritance is in Christ. As Christians we live

by faith. In the Spirit, deep calleth unto deep.

2.       Flourishing in recession is the wisdom of God

3.       Yesterday is a spent cheque. Phil 2:13-14  (I get am before no be property – PDO sayings)

Pastor enjoined every coordinator and leader to be in church meetings early and announced the next edition of School of Prosperity in February

Pastors blessings:

Your victory is showing forth

Go back to the program and run it, it will execute 100%

There is no virus, no stopping you

You are bigger than the economy


Zonal Rhapsody Global Cumulative Partnership

We all participated in the launch of our Zonal Rhapsody Global Cumulative Partnership with Pastor Demo and the pastorate while the partnership commitment form was well subscribed by the brethren. Pastor prophesied that the mandate will go round the world and accomplish its purpose.

Members were not left out as they received the anointed words of our man of God to cause them to flourish even more in luxurious growth, significant attainment and persistent productivity in 2017.

He emphasized that Join the Chariot exercise following the exploits, as a tool to be mastered by every member of our church day in day out.

And in the usual champion way, we welcomed our first time guest and dismissed to our various group to do the word of reconciliation.

Truly we are blessed for such a destined meeting and all that we received from our man of God.

Keep flourishing this week in soul winning and in your finance.

Don’t forget the most important feast next Sunday, the feast of first fruit.

You are a champion for life!


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