Offer-7 – Celebrating Our Dear Pastor Chris O.


Offer 7, Is a date we set aside in BLW Nation to celebrate our man of God. It falls on 7th of December every offer-7year. There are series of global events to mark the Life of our Pastor and celebrate his birthday in a grand style.

It is with great pleasure that we provide you with information on the special events being organized in honor of our dear man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD, for 2016 Offer 7. These global events are in celebration of dear our man of God, and to show our appreciation and gratitude for the blessing that he has been to all of us in the Ministry

2016 Offer 7 Event Schedule

International Day of Service (Service to Humanity)

The International Day of Service (IDS) is a unique day set aside to give every member of the ministry an opportunity to provide a Service to an organization, community or charity to commemorate the birthday of our Man of God. these services include but not limited to:
Charity Auction, Health Fair, Clean Up Neighbourhood, Street Lighting, Teach A Craft.
Senior Citizens
Help the Elderly, Visit the Elderly. Form a Mall Patrol with your friends to help seniors with their shopping.
Hungry / Homeless
Food / Cloth Drive, Excursion/ Soccer Match / Movies / “I Care Kits” for the Homeless, Visit Children’s Hospital.
School Activities
School Teacher Recognition, School Supplies, Drug & Safety Awareness.
Safety Activities
Safety Signs, Safety Awareness for Bikers, for Workers and for Children
Free Tansportation Service, Free Medical Treatment And Aids Testing To The Poor, Free Medical Care, Car wash service etc

Global Gift Giving (Life-Changing Gifts)

Every member of our BLW Nation will have an opportunity to give a commemorative gift (the audio message titled “Jesus” ) to someone in celebration of the birthday of our Man of God. With every member around the world giving out this one gift, the world will be blessed in a unique way as we celebrate our Pastor, Mentor, Life-Coach, Rev Chris Oyakhilome PhD.

Special Teenage Banquet

This is a Forum focused on the global impact of of our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD on young people across the globe over the last 10-20 years.

Special Children’s Party

The children of the BLW Nation hold a very special place in the heart of our Man of God, and we have a special Offer 7 program for Children holding on December 7th 2013.

These events are not limited to members of the BLW nation, you too can be a part of it by simply walking into any Christ Embassy Church around the globe for more information or, you can visit

God bless you.

… don’t forget to upload videos and/or pics of services you rendered to your community on this website

Leave your comments below, we will love to know how you do and should you have any issues reachout to us we are here to help you.


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