Saved From Car Accident

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I want to use this opportunity to thank God and our dear man of God pastor Demola for bringing gotomeeting morning prayer to us. Gotomeeting prayer save my life this morning. At about 9:40am this morning, I had a fatal accident with my car on my way to office at kirikiri, close to road safety office. The back tire(left side) removed on motion. It took us almost 20minutes before we could find it. Thanks be to God almighty for saving my life. The car stand still, the tire could have cause serious accident but thanks be to God there’s no any vehicles applying the route at that time and the tire didn’t hit any person. Before I knew what happened, people already surrounded me. The amazing things was that, I picked all the four wheel nut in one spot and some good Samaritan assist in fixing the tire. No any damage on my car. I only gave them a N1,000. Some Cars surmasorted bcos of ordinary flat tire on motion, talk less of tire removing completely. Gotomeeting/WhatsApp morning prayer is awesome. I wasn’t shaking. I was just speaking in tongue, glorifying God. First things that came to my mind was gotomeeting morning prayer. Glory!!!!!. You don’t know what gotomeeting does! The blessing it brings and evil that it removed on daily basis. At first, I never knew the tire came out from my car. Suddenly, I realized that my car bend and saw a tire passed my car. I thought it came out from other car behind me. But thank God no car was behind or at my back or in front. When I got to the office, I later realized that the mechanic that work on the car last week Thursday forgot to tight the left tired. For those that drives; you have to learn from this. Always re-check and re-tight your tire immediately mechanic or vulcanizer worked on it or check before leaving home every morning. If not that I prayed this morning and God’s love, it could have been terrible. Glory be to God almighty. Bro Kingsley Eghenedji (men fellowship 2).


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