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It Can’t Be Faith When You Have a Plan B – Rev Tom Amenkhienan

The International Pastors Conference switched to a higher gear on Tuesday morning as the Director of Church Ministry and Organisation and Member of the Central Executive Council of the Church, Reverend Tom  Amenkhienan  shared a strong message on the Integrity of your faith.

Reverend Tom declared that faith doesn’t have a Plan B. He remarked that stubborn faith doesn’t give up or give in. Stubborn faith doesn’t quit. It follows through until the manifestation of the required results.

He further charged the delegates to keep talking, “refuse to be quiet. talk your faith. We didn’t come this far to be quiet… Be a walking talking spirit…”

He reminded the Pastors that faith is our lifestyle as we live a life of faith and without faith, it’s not possible to please God.

“No Christian, he says, can ever know it all. Our faith keeps growing for the next level of challenges. Keep climbing and learning. Your faith is developed through use”.

He reiterated Pastor Chris’ admonition last night that we should not take a holiday from our faith in the Lord Jesus.

Launching into the meat of his message, he stated that “integrity is the state of wholeness, perfection, undiminished, and dependable. It is supportive. Not shaky or unstable. There should be reliability to your faith. Faith doesn’t buckle. It gives peace of mind”.

“Faith requires training to be prepared for the challenges ahead. How you develop and use your faith determines the structural integrity of your faith. Until you face daunting challenges, we can’t tell the stuff you’re made of. Your ability to use your weapon is what makes you dangerous”.

At this point, the delegates were highly charged and ready to go and take on more challenges.


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