You’ve Got To Learn How To Fight In Prayer – This is war


Thursday night at the IPPC was an extraordinary meeting with Pastor Chris. It was a call to action.

Hear him in his own words…

“You’ve got to learn how to fight in prayer. This is war. Go wild in the things of God by speaking in tongues. One day, you’ll need it. You’ll need to shut your door and go wild in the Holy Ghost. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God…

We retreat too easily. You that’s a prince, feeling sorry for yourself? I left that class a long time ago… greater is He that’s in me… you can be a nice Christian and still go to hell based on your words.

Jesus is seated now. All things are now ready. Why are you still crying. The lines are fallen unto you in pleasant places…

Healing is children’s bread, why are you eating children’s bread? That’s the way it is in the spiritual realms… it’s time to say “devil in the name of Jesus, take your hands off my body…”

Hallelujah… you’ve got to learn how to fight the good fight of faith and lay hold… it’s time to tell the devil, no more… I’m not carrying this pain anymore… start by speaking in tongues when you don’t know what words to use… learn how to let yourself go…”

The word has been coming to us, the Lord has been speaking to us; blessing us. Lets go to Acts 20:32 Here apostle Paul didn’t say people, he said brethren. Paul said the word of His grace not judgment. The word can do it. No matter where you have been in life, the word is able to build you.

Do you know if you quote  this word without faith it would not work. You can cry for anything it won’t change the situations; it can’t change anything. You accept by saying the word is building me up and the more you say  that the more you are getting stronger by the day.

Have you ever seen those who always ask the wrong questions? I have seen them. You want what? The bible says every child is Born with foolishness but the rod of correction will drive it far away. But this is not the physical rod like coboco. This is the rod of your mouth. But many have grown up without the corrections from the lips of righteousness. Jesus asked the Jews why do ask such questions? Why do imagine evil in your hearts?

God’s word is God’s  wisdom so if you listen to it, it’ll make you Wise. Such much to say tonight? 1Corth 3;1
Have you been there when you could not speak spiritual to them because they are babes. Babes here  don’t refer to physical immmaturity, it is talking about spiritual children who have not been taught how to talk right. This is called NEPEOS . Childish in attitude, mannerisms and especially in COMMUNICATION.

If you have been 20 or 25 years born again and you don’t understand spiritual language you are a child 1Corth. 3;1- What does this tell you? If you are born again you are not an ordinary person. In the first epistle of Peter he never used the word EPIGNOSIS: absolute  knowledge. But in his  second epistle he had discovered something different.

Let’s see 1Corth 1:1-8
All the gift were in operation in the Corinthian church. It was full of revelation and utterance  but they’re always quarreling after service. Spiritual gift and spiritual maturity are not the same, the are not synonymous. The Corinthian church had spiritual gifts but lacked spiritual maturity.

I decided long ago that am gonna have everything God gives me ,  will not leave some. If He’s given me all the gifts of the Spirit, am gonna put them to use. Ephesians 1:3 Am so blessed!  How could you leave your house to be here. Even if you’ve said I don’t like pastor Chris before but now you’re , that’s a massive blessing!  We’re heirs of God . Are you living like an heir? Are you living the life of a  heir? Some are not living like that. The heir as long as he’s a child is not different from a servant, he’s a NEPEO!

I told you about the DISTINGUISHING FACTOR IN THE ELEMENT OF COMMUNICATION. I show you again .Hebs 5:12 Caleb said give us this mountain. The NEPEOS Pray Lord intervene for us and a word comes and He intervened and another time He doesn’t. Because you were a child and now He says grow up!

We don’t have too many books on how to fight , we have on how to receive a miracle. We take nonsense too easily ; we retreat too easily. You don’t   lock yourself in a room and   begin to cry, No! You shut the door  praying fervently in tongues. I prayed that negative prayer last in 1981, I saw my self descending. I was going to hell. I shouted, am born again. Greater is He that’s in me. I came back to my body.

Father , I receive my healing in the name of Jesus. Healing is the children’s bread, why are you eating the children’s bread. It is time to say devil in the name of take your hands off my body? You haven’t gotten mad enough with the devil . When you get mad enough with the devil, he’ll live you alone.

As far as you are saying devil live me now, what have I done, he’ll not live you. It is time to say devil no, am not carrying this pain, and not carrying this ulcer anymore. You’ve  to learn how to fight; fight the good fight of faith. Start with your tongues.

Learn to ask the right questions. Gideon asked if the Lord be  with us, where are the miracles? and the angel said that’s why am here. Some people said when I have a challenge I declare 30 days fasting, that’s not gonna work because not everything requires fasting.

You mean business. You shut the door, put off the phone, take off your shoes and jacket and devil knows and tells you people are looking for you and you say I don’t want to see them.  God Has given you all things, what are you asking? How long are you going to say I receive it. You said it yesterday don’t say it again. Say thank you Lord for what I received yesterday

Christianity is not a religion, it’s the PULSATING LIFE OF GOD. He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit. Am of the the spirit. Jesus was born in Bethlehem but said am from above. He became the second Adam,  the head of the new creation not when He was born but when He resurrected from the dead. We’re  not from the first Adam . Jesus is the second Adam. And that means a life giver.  No wonder anything He touched received life . As He’s a man from heaven so also are we. I know who I am. I am from heaven. If  you say I am from heaven,  If you say this the thought of impossibility is NULLIFIED. YOU suddenly realize you CAN ACHIEVE THAT DREAM!

This is  just the beginning. No wonder we’re so prosperous. We’re the man from heaven, we’re the life giving spirit.

You are a life giving spirit. life is  flowing from you. First from your heart and then your body. If anyone believe they can pull out from you.

Out if your belly shall flow rivers of living water. Greater is He that’s in you. Don’t be afraid of their threats. Don’t be afraid of their curses. You have overcome the circumstances. You have over come them. You are A LIFE GIVING SPIRIT. SPEAK IN TONGUES RIGHT NOW!


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