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My testimony within the short time I joined Christ Embassy in March 2017 is mind blowing. Having been born again since 1998, I thought myself to be Mr. know all until I came to this great ministry. I used to condemn members of Christ Embassy on the ground that they were not spiritual but very carnal people whose pastors fry their hair while their members dress unreligiously especially their females. Little did I know that I was disdaining a ministry where my true salvation lies. One sunday morning around March 2017, being fed up with the ministry where I functioned as a music director for years, yet no growth in my life spiritually, I decided to just go have some free air and enjoy some good worship in another church around me. I never had Christ Embassy in my mind but because there was no other big church around me, I settled for Christ Embassy Alakija 1 with “anything I see, I take it” in my mind. Little did I know that I was wrong. I got into the church not focusing on the service but on people, how they dressed and all that, but to my surprise, There was no fault spotted. People were well dressed, the reception was immeasurable, the love was immense. I immediately enlisted for Foundation School which is where my life experienced the change I am enjoying now as a Christian. I got to know the word the way I never knew. I also came to know my position and my right in Christ. The notion which I have held for long due to what I was fed on like fighting family battles etc quickly erased. I also joined choir where I fuction very well now and men 1 fellowship as well as a cell. In summery, my story is that “I was losed but now I’m found, was blind but now I see” God bless Pastor Demola Onanuga (PDO) for me, God bless our able Presido Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. I am Excited El Levite

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