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An Outline of Pastor Demola Onanuga’s Sunday Service Teachings

Sunday Service with Pastor Demola  (15th October, 2017).
Text: Genesis 30:27. Hebrew 8:6. Romans 8:26. Genesis 39:1-12.
Genesis 30:27.
Jacob took the birthright of Esau and fled to his uncle house (Laban). Despite the cheating, Jacob was still a blessed man. Laban said for I have learned by experience that am blessed for thy sake.

The blessing is a supernatural rob off. The blessing is intangible. Jacob was covenant minded. Despite all the challenges around him, Jacob still prospered because of the covenant, anointing and blessing of God upon him.

You and I have better promises. We are blessed indeed. The moment you become born again, the Holy Ghost makes your body his residence and that makes you a blessed man forever. All things are yours.
All things work together for good for those that allow the spirit to strengthen them and have his way in their life.
Genesis 39:1-12
Joseph was also a blessed man. He was conscious of the anointing of God upon him. The Lord was with Joseph.
Has it occurred to everyone and  particularly those in your office that the Lord is with you?
It doesn’t matter where you Start from, what matters most is that you are full of the Holy ghost and a blessing carrier.
Galathian 3:6. You are the  seed Abraham and that makes you are a carrier of the blessing.
1. Be conscious that you are a carrier of the blessing. Psalm 91:99.
Knowing that you are the seed of Abraham. Allow the Holy ghost to take fullness in you. Understanding Gods word gives wisdom. Life is in levels. It was spring time for some last month and now its a blessing.
The life of a Christian is a life of victory. Challenges will become bread to us.
2. Giving. Acts 29:35. Luke 6:38
God’s blessing can be activated in your life when you give. Giving provokes the supernatural.
It is more blessed to give than to receive. Never be afraid to give. Make up your time that you will live a life of giving. This is the life that we have been called to live. Start from where you are. Giving has everything to do with our heart.
2 Samuel 6:12.
What men meant for bad for you will turn out for your good. Obed-Edon was blessed because of the presence of the ark of God in his house. It was actually meant for bad but God blessed him instead.
Joseph did nothing to warrant all the blessing. He was predestined for blessing. The people you spend your time with determines where you are going in life. Spend enough time with the Holy spirit. Every men in the scripture that did great things, spent time with great people and the Holy ghost. It matters who you spend time with.
A blessed man can never go down.
The word of God you hear will stay in your spirit. Increase is yours. You are a carrier of the blessing. Everywhere you go, blessing go with you. You are a dispenser of God’s blessing. You shall manifest God’s blessing in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
God bless you.




Sunday Service with Pastor Demola (8th October, 2017).


Text: Luke 5:1-7. Ephesians 1:3

After you have done all that’s necessary; just like Peter “Jesus said to him let down your net for a catch”. There’s always a blessing after you have done all that’s necessary and needful.

Peter said, we have toiled all night but at your word I will let down the net. Luke 5:5. It is not over until you win. If you will let down your net, you shall have a net breaking harvest.

Net breaking harvest is our portion in The Church of Champions. Blessing is the harvest.

Prophesy!! by Pastor Demola
“I pray that in this month of blessing, God will bless you so much that you will be amazed, Hallelujah!! Don’t limit God. He’s limitless”.

For you to receive God greater blessing, you have to activate your faith. Christianity is a life of faith. Let your confession be positive. Internalised those confession inside you.

Apart from your confession, you must do the word. That is when you received the complete overdoes. It doesn’t matter the one you do, what matter most is that you do something. Receive Gods word in its simplicity and do it.

How to activate the blessing?

1. Work in the consciousness of who you are. Matthew 14:17-20.

If you will invoke and speak to the little you have, it will surely multiply.
Be blessing conscious.

2. Be in the house of God and fellowship with other believers. Psalm 133:1-3.
The Lord command the blessing when you fellowship.

3. Your giving is important. Eccl. 5:4-6
     Your giving activate God’s blessing.
Redeem whatever you have pledged. It is better you should not vow than to vow and not pay. Be a man of        integrity. When you have integrity with God, you will as well have with men.

Glory be to God.

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